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This mailinglist is for open discussion and feedback about Openmoko mobile phones 6807 48895
by Mychaela Falconia
This mailinglist is for support, questions and answers of openmoko device owners 1187 6209
by Kees Jongenburger
This mailinglist is about Openmoko distribution and application development. 1810 6989
by Max Kiva
This mailinglist is about Openmoko hardware, schematics, hacks, extensions 176 1091
by Sebastian Billaudell...
This Mailinglist is the meetingplace of the Documentation Team

This list is intended to be used for coordination and organization of documentation efforts within the Openmoko project.
it is NOT for support questions
204 805
by Patryk Benderz
This mailinglist is meant for questions/issues regarding the "-moko" kernel series, i.e., the Linux kernel with Openmoko specific patches, and the corresponding u-boot boot loader. 1320 6845
by Martin Jansa
This mailinglist is about the community driven SHR distribution. 328 1569
by flecktor
The gta02-core project aims to create and test an open prototype development process for phones using the design of the Openmoko GTA02 "FreeRunner". More information about the project can be found at this URL: http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Gta02-core 192 911
by karimi
Discussions around the Next Open Phone 62 376
by Openmoko GTA03 maili...
Hola a todos, Aunque ha costado mas mails y dias de lo que cabia esperar, segun la idea de los chicos de GULIC y con el apoyo de Michael Siloh de Openmoko, nos han creado una lista (bueno no es primera plana pero algo es algo :) ) en projects.openmoko.org oficializando un poco la iniciativa de crear una comunidad local para facilitar el intercambio de informacion sin la barrera del idioma. Espero que como minimo esta lista siga teniendo el movimiento y el buen rollo que antes de la mudanza :) Un Saludo David Samblas 389 1932
by JoeZ99
This mailinglist is for testing related discussions to all Openmoko Products. 11 43
by wendy-2-3
See nothing exept header by using web-interface. I have try Firefox and Internet Explorer. Can somebody explain, what happend. About month ago all work well 1 5
by ran