14th Community Update released

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14th Community Update released

William Lai-4
Hello lists!

Welcome to the 14th community update, covering March 6th ~ 20th, 2009.

As always, there was no shortage of news in the past weeks.
Distributions including Om2009, Android and Qt Extended Improved all
received their share of updates.  The first Openmoko Programming
Competition, hosted by Aapo Rantalainen and Risto H. Kurppa, was
announced and the winner will now get a prize provided by the community,
currently at 314€ and a leather case for Freerunner (39€)!  A week
later, a second contest was announced by Rakshat Hooja, where the
current  bounty stands at 125€.  Discussions continued on the subjects
of cool chess games, browsers on the Neo, and of course, keyboards (we
love our keyboards), and much more.

Be sure to check the newsletter available with links at:


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