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PSFreedom on Neo Freerunner

Hello Freerunner-fans,

I am trying to port PSFreedom to the Neo Freerunner.
If you haven't heared about it yet, take a look at
Summary: it enables homebrew software on the ps3-device.

For that purpose I have made a small page at describing my status and the problems I have of course. There you will find all related source code files and information you need.

Right now the module is compiling, loading, initializing,... (nearly works I guess).

The current problem I have is this:

The S3C2410 USB Controller has a register called "FUNC_ADDR_REG" which holds the function address. For psfreedom to work, this address must be directly and IMMEDIATELY (not asap!) set.
When I write the address directly to the register, it does NOT seem to be set immediately by the MCU. There is some delay.
What I am looking for is a flag, special bit,... to make it set the address immediately.

Can anyone help? Also feel free to contribute if you want to!

Thanks in advance,

Tobias Burkard