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QtMoko v26 Qtopia Documents System

Nashvin Gangaram
Hi everyone

My Current Config is:
Qi Bootloader 1.02 (from SHR-testing feed)
uSD Card (16GB) Partitions:
512 MB: ext2: QtMoko v26
512 MB: ext2: SHR-testing (2010/05/29)
512 MB: ext2: GameRunner 0.2
Rest: fat32: General Stuff...
NAND Flash: QtMoko v26 (again, backup for when SD Card removed)

When booting from either QtMoko v26 (uSD Card or NAND Flash):
In the File Manager, i can see the "General Stuff" files above in:
(so I believe that I have set up /etc/fstab correctly)
but, they are not being "imported" into the Qtopia Documents System, so I cannot use them...

Any ideas / suggestions?


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