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dfu-util: Release v0.5

Stefan Schmidt-2

A new dfu-util release is out. The major addition is support for the
DfuSe extension from St used in various devices. dfu-util is now
capable of flashing them. Thanks goes, again, to Tormod for working on
this. The DfuSe support was his original project to get started with
dfu-util and he took the long road by fixing all kind of problems on
the way before the feature eventually landed in a release.

        o DfuSe extension support for ST devices (Tormod Volden)
        o Add initial support for bitWillDetach flag from DFU 1.1 (Tormod
        o Internal cleanup and some manual page fixes (Tormod Volden)

2011-11-02: Stefan Schmidt <[hidden email]>

Stefan Schmidt

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