navit in QTmoko: Map don't follow actual position

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navit in QTmoko: Map don't follow actual position

I try to run navit on my freerunner.
- QTmoko v35
- navit Version: 0.2.0~svn3501+dfsg.1-1

I downloaded and installed a OSM-Map for Germany.
I see this map and can zoom and pan but ...

My problem now is:

The map is *not* centered on my actual position from GPS.

I tried to configure some <vehicle>-Tags in /home/root/.navit/navit.xml

<vehicle name=".." profilename="car" enabled="yes" active="0"
source="gpsd://localhost" gpsd_query="w+xj" follow="3">

But on navit's gui I only see the default DEMO-Vehicle which has no

Can someone send me an example for a working freeruner-proved
'navit.xml' or a <vehicle>-Tag that follows GPS?

How can I test, that navit gets the actual position from GPS-deamon?



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